Please kindly read through the following norms and expectations to ensure that we are able to meet and have an experience filled with sparks and joy. I assure you that I don't care about your age, looks or who you know; all I care about is that you respect the boundaries I outline here. The more carefully you read and respect these boundaries, the better your experience will be. I like to leave my suitors with unforgettable memories of pleasure and connection, so please help me facilitate the conditions for that to happen..

A shower after arriving is mandatory for all friends. My asking you to hop in the shower is in no way a reflection of my impression of your personal hygiene. Please do not ask to be an exception to this policy, as that discussion will spoil the mood. This will surely not apply to you, gentle reader, but I reserve the right to terminate a date and retain full payment if hygiene is not up to par. 

I am vaccinated and will need to see your vaccination card as a part of my screening. Of course, I always use safe practices, for both your health and mine.


I am a strictly no-reviews companion and do not participate in review board culture.

I screen all new suitors. Please use the booking form to send me a selfie in which you are holding your driver's license and vaccination card. I should be able to see your face in the selfie as well as the license. Feel free to cover up any information on the driver's license except the name and photo.


Please also choose from one of the following:

  1. Send two references from other providers, including their website.

  2. Send a link to your active and current Linkedin or a photo of your work badge, as well as an email address or phone number where I can verify your employment. For more discretion, you may send a blank email from your work account to for verification purposes. I have another email not listed on this site that you may email for even more discretion, at your request.


Please note my rates are non-negotiable and I will not discuss them during our booking. If we are meeting in private, please leave the investment in an unsealed envelope in an obvious location within the first few minutes of the date. If we are meeting in public, please present the consideration discreetly in a book or card within the first moments of meeting. It is in poor taste to make me ask.


In Philadelphia, a 25 percent deposit is required in order to reserve our time together and allow me to see clients on a limited basis. For FMTY and when touring, a 50 percent deposit is required. For the deposit, I accept Cashapp. Please write "consultant" in the memo and nothing else. I can also accept a hotels dot com e-gift card if that is more convenient. The rest of the payment must be made in cash.

Since I am low-volume, I ask that cancellations be made 48 hours in advance. In that event, the deposit may be used toward a future booking, with the exception of tour bookings. Cancellations of tour bookings made less than 72 hours in advance and.cancellations made same-day will require a cancellation fee of 100 percent of the booking total, to make up for the opportunity cost to me. In the extremely rare situation in which I would have to cancel, of course, the deposit would be refunded to you in full or used toward a future booking-- your choice.


Incall will be at a location within Philadelphia, KOP or Cherry Hill, whichever you prefer. I'm also happy to travel to cities within about a two-hour drive from Philadelphia, such as New York City, Baltimore, and Washington, DC for dinner dates or longer at no additional charge.

To receive my future tour schedules, as well as packages and specials, please sign up for my newsletter on the Contact page.

All dates of three hours or more must include social time. Overnights are for select returning friends only. I require 8 hours of uninterrupted beauty sleep for all overnights so that I may wake up looking and feeling refreshed for you. For dates of 24 hours or more, please note that I do need two uninterrupted hours of personal time to check emails, do my makeup and keep up with my fitness so that I can stay sexy for you.

My rates are for time and companionship only, but whatever happens between two consenting adults during that time is between us.


Thank you for reading this carefully. It will help to get us off to a great start as we are getting to know one another.