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You'll notice that my rate structure is tailored to favor longer engagements.


One hour VIP: 800

One hour: (select tours only) 700

90 minutes VIP: 1000

90 minutes: 900

Two hours VIP: 1400

Two hours: 1300

VIP lunch: (three hours) 1800

Lunch: (three hours) 1700

VIP dinner: (four hours) 2000

Dinner: (four hours) 1900

VIP Dinner and a Show: (seven hours) 3000

Dinner and a Show: (seven hours) 2800

VIP overnight: (14 hours) 5000

Overnight: (14 hours) 4600


One hour VIP: 700

One hour: 600

90 minutes VIP: 900

90 minutes: 800

Two hours VIP: 1300

Two hours: 1200

VIP lunch: (three hours) 1700

Lunch: (three hours) 1600

VIP dinner: (four hours) 1900

Dinner: (four hours) 1800

VIP Dinner and a Show: (seven hours) 2900

Dinner and a Show: (seven hours) 2700

VIP overnight: (14 hours) 4900

Overnight: (14 hours) 4500

Lunch and dinner: 

Please note that all dates of three or more hours must include a meal.



Please note that overnights must include dinner, breakfast, and eight hours of uninterrupted sleep. Overnights are only available to trusted regulars.


There is a $50 Uber fee for outcalls outside of Philly. This fee may be higher based on distance and Uber rates.

Even when I'm not touring there, I am happy to drive to cities within approximately a two-hour drive of Philadelphia, such as Baltimore and MD suburbs, DC, Tysons Corner, and NYC, with a three-hour minimum.


If we will be meeting in a major East Coast US city, the minimum for FMTY is four hours. For West Coast, it's seven hours.

Bespoke rates are available for dates longer than 14 hours-- please contact me. Such dates are only available to trusted regulars.

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