Ever daydream about a naughty professor? Happy to offer private tutoring. ;) I'm on an indefinite sabbatical, letting my wild side run the show while I focus on creative endeavors. ;)

You notice me as soon as I come through the door of the restaurant, and I notice you, sensing psychic heat coming from your direction. We exchange mischievous smiles as I make my way toward you. There is an undeniable spark when we kiss on the cheek hello. You're just my type-- older, distinguished, cerebral, dirty. You and I have different politics, it becomes clear, but that's just something for me to tease you about as we slurp down oysters. Let's talk fiction instead. Or let's just pretend we've stepped into a Murakami novel. This is just the sort of portal to his world that he would invent. You have pushed a few buttons and here we find ourselves, a man and a woman. It's like a lucid dream-- you sense that you can take this story wherever you want to go. I'm licking every last drop of creme brulee off my spoon when you say, "Let's get out of here."