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We probably have plenty of life experience in common, as I am a mature companion and you are hopefully 35 plus as well. In past incarnations, I have been an adjunct instructor and a stripper. This little "sabbatical" is about me choosing to have more of what I want in my life (passion, adventure, free time, financial security) and less of what I don't want (early mornings, grading, frumpy clothes.) Perhaps you can relate. If you are making passion a priority again in your life and want to unwind in the company of a kind and non-judgmental companion, you're safe with me. Telling an escort like me a secret is like putting a message in a bottle and throwing it into the ocean.

Like you, I'm finding my appetite and palate only growing over time. I actually happen to find discreet liaisons with strangers to be quite thrilling. It could happen so quickly with the push of a few buttons, really, if, by chance, I'm in your city. Meet you at the patio? I'll be wearing a cocktail dress and sheer panties. I might, like, drop a fork or something. ;) 


If you're a "save-the-marshmallow-for-later" type of guy, (the type for whom dates are almost always successfully scheduled,) it could be a present you give to yourself for later, a reward for all your hard work, to be anticipated for weeks and then enjoyed in a random city you're visiting for a conference. At the end of a long work day, you will have a surprise just for yourself, wrapped in French lace or perhaps something black with lots of straps. You know when you're well overdue to simply lie back and be pampered. 

Perhaps you're looking for a well kept and age-appropriate dining or travel companion. A world traveler, I find experiencing new things together to be a powerful aphrodisiac. There's nothing quite like the heady rush of anticipation as we explore with all five senses together. Perhaps our eyes might meet over a salty-sweet, slippery flight of oysters, and I may have just caught you wondering if, underneath my elegant wrap dress, I might be wearing one of the lingerie sets you have seen me photographed in. You might even know for a fact that I'm wearing a particular set because you have sent it to me in advance of our tryst, and you can faintly make out the contours of it when I move. Maybe our fingers might brush together for the first electric time while our eyes trace sinuous brush strokes or frenetic splatters of paint on canvas. Perhaps you will discover that you like the way my skin smells mixed with sunscreen and sea water, and you like the way my limbs entwine around yours under the water, and that we can have a comfortable silence, just listening to the waves lapping at the shore. Or perhaps we might find ourselves at a fairly secluded spot, making a few furtive explorations under the water when the waves crest. I'm game if you are.

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